Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So i was thinking about the rhetorical analysis I just did in my english class, and I felt as if I did a better job than my opinion editorial. At first I was not too excited for this Analysis, However, as I studied more of my topic and what it was all about I actually got excited about it. Mainly because I felt like I was learning things that Mitt Romney actually believes, and not what people just say on the street. I also enjoyed going to the writing center this time much more than the time before, I felt I was taught exactly what I needed to hear. Also I feel like I did a lot better on my grammar on this essay than the opinion editorial. Mainly because I read it out loud to myself and figured out why sounded odd, and fixed it. In no way I enjoy writing papers, and probably never will. However, I do feel as if I did a good job on this rhetorical Analysis.

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