Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Roddick... Disappointment?

As a young child I grew up Idolizing Andy Roddick! All I wanted was to be like him, he was my hero! He was intense! He was a winner! He was competitive! One of my favorite things about him was his incredible serves. Here is a video of him serving it so hard into the clay, something that has never been down before.  He would yell at the opponents, and the judges. I saw myself in him. I really became a fan of him in the year 2001, He started to just dominate in a lot of matches,  especially him winning the U.S. Open in the year 2003, resulting him being the best tennis player in the world.
9 years have past since, he is now old, and Andy Roddick has tended to disappoint not just myself but America match after match. There are now players like Djokavic, Nadal, Federer, who I admit can crush Roddick to pieces.

Roddick Has gotten himself to the 4th round of this U.S. Open, I hope to see him not disappoint me once again.


  1. Yeah, I was surprised this year to see so many americans do relatively well in the US Open.

  2. I love Roddick and I love tennis. I think I could've loved this blog. Anything with Roddick on it is good!

  3. That was an insane serve in that video, I don't know anything about tennis and I'm still impressed.

  4. Until earlier this year, Roddick held the record for fastest serve at 155 mph. That's insane! To put that into perspective, the fastest slap-shot on record is 119 mph and the fastest pitch on record in MLB is 105 mph. I hope that the States produce a new world-class contender soon.