Thursday, September 1, 2011


So I was thinking of what my topic should be, and what I should write about for this Op-Ed. I concluded that on my mission I noticed how many people would always bash the Utah Mormons, and members of the Church for being so disrespectful to other faiths. As a result of this it led me not to be able to get in the doors of as many people. I was hoping I could write an Editorial in which I write focusing on those who judge unrighteously. And Helping them see that Latter Day Saints aren’t better than others, and we need to not judge them in a critical way. So we can truly see God’s children how he would want us to see them, I was thinking if any of you have good stories, I could include in my Op-Ed, in which you didn’t grow up in Utah and you saw this and noticed it, or if you are a recent convert yourself, or if you think it is just plain out ridiculous. Thanks.


  1. I think that this topic has real potential. I have heard too many stories of children in Utah's school systems that are ostracized simply because they do not share the LDS faith. It seems that this is just the accepted social norm.

  2. The gospel is perfect, the people are not. Growing up in a different state, Utah is like a whole new world!