Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One form of Rhetoric

One last form of Rhetoric that Romney uses is his quote on believe in America, and uses it as what he calls his new plan on reigniting America’s economy. This is a great name for this process in which he will hope to change. If you watch this video he say’s, “We stand for freedom, opportunity and hope…” he continues to go on to say how we all come from different background in life and says there is one thing that is in common with us all, he states, “we are united by one great overwhelming passion. We love America, we believe in America!” Although Romney does not say it in his article he uses a statement in which he has used before many times, claiming America as one. As he uses this term he helps Americans have the desire to believe with him, so they can see a change in America when he is the next President. Romney as well shows how he is unified with all Americans and knows exactly how they feel. In essence when he uses this term “believe in America” he is showing that America can become the great nation that everyone always hopes it to be.     

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